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I am not sure which part you dont believe? Is it the EU in multiple self inflicted crises? Repeated claims that it will be the end of the project by those in the project (and support the project)? Or that they have finally come around to the idea of reform (I can understand your disbelief at this)?

Well, the part I quoted just some text from the end of your post so there, what I don't agree with is all of it. Just the deluge of Brexit good, EU bad.

The EU is not perfect, I don't think anyone claimed it was, but the current political class in the UK however is a thousand times worse. It has been unable to do anything about the UK's own problems during the past two and a half years. Any policy announcement is not based on logic or evidence. The government is divided, the opposition useless. The Brexit referendum itself was a vote on how happy people were and May took a knife-edge referendum result, set up some red lines, and made practically anything except no deal impossible.

What's the latest? The ERG saying their hard Brexit plan would add a trillion pounds to the economy then two weeks later saying a Super Canada proposal would be the perfect deal (it wouldn't) and today Mogg said that there must not be an Irish Sea border, which was an essential part of the Super Canada proposal. A few days ago there was the fucking Foreign Secretary of all people using "EUSSR" which he probably got from the Daily Mail and today complaining about Russia (how's that for irony).

It's b o l l o c k s. All of it. Brexit is impossible to deliver, has no upside that any rational economist can find (Minford doesn't count), has no basis in fact. It's just Cameron's gamble to so the Tory party doesn't lose electorate and politicians turned by May into a valve so the disaffected can release steam, pointed towards the EU instead of where it should be, the government.

And that is why I don't agree with the ridiculous laundry list of failure that you find the need to post every time there's a Brexit discussion. The EU is not perfect, but this bollocks is a whole lot worse.

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