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Firstly the EU isn't about to collapse. It really isn't.

Hungary may get kicked out if their autocrat doesn't start unwinding his power grab (which the Tory MEPs, incidentally, voted not to censure). Italy or possibly some others may, at worst, be forced from the Eurozone if their populists won't abide by the rules. But no other country wants to leave the single market or customs union. Even if all the politics did fall apart, and the currency union broke up, they'd all still want to trade with each other without customs and with common standards. So they would. The single market and customs union will stay, as will freedom of movement and all the other aspects, because it's been hugely successful and beneficial. And even in the more right-leaning, anti immigration EU countries, they're not obsessing over EU immigration, only non-EU immigration. It's only the UK where the single market and customs union is an issue.

Brexitters seem to believe that leaving the EU won't stop us trading with them, or damage us economically (considering that's 50% of our trade, we'd be in trouble if it does).

But that it would magically insulate us from an economic collapse in the EU.

Sorry, I have some really bad news for you. If the UK does in some way manage to avoid economic oblivion by maintaining that huge level of trade with Europe, it's going to be absolutely screwed regardless if there is an economic collapse in the EU.

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