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The raw economy size #4/5/6/7 or 8 is rather dependant on the $ exchange rate and other criteria being used, one of which is what do you want as the answer to support your initial position, the IMF has UK at 24th & China at 79th place in GDP per/head on 2017 numbers.

Opinion polls are the same, I'm sure we could come up with a referendum question that has both major political parties committing to retrieving the French territories we lost 500 years ago.

Yes minister clip (brilliant documentary) -

Superpower definition: If you class a superpower as any country that meets any of the following criteria and a global superpower as one that meets all 4.

1) Can totally flatten the planet with nukes :2: (Russia,USA) + China if they're fibbing about their missile count.

2) Can totally flatten any other country anywhere on the planet with nukes :5: (as above + China,France,UK)

3) Could successfully invade a reasonably well armed country anywhere without fully committing its military :1: (USA) China will be here very soon.

4) Can put combat jets over anywhere in the world unaided :1: (USA) China will be here soon too.

The UKs ability to erase any other country at short notice makes it a superpower, surviving retaliation is not a factor.

It gets interesting with 'Major' powers that only have tactical nukes so can totally flatten at least one neighbouring country and therefore are pretty well immune (politically) to being invaded by anyone, (4 currently DPRK, India, Israel, Pakistan) plus about a dozen others that could join this club in less than 10 years if they so desired.

Soon there will soon be two global superpowers with the willy-waving front line across the pacific instead of the Inner German border. (not sure if that's much an overall improvement)

The 19th century 'Great powers' were the ones that could meet the invasion criteria as that's all that mattered then.

On a cynical side note the Eastasian, Eurasian & Oceanian blocks are beginning to line up nicely.

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