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"fact is Hard Brexiters see the UK pre-EU as being some golden age"

No I dont. And I am not convinced all the others hold such an opinion. I notice you use the loose definition of the EU as before the political entity but still, no. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that we would be better off outside the EU in future without it being backward. Unless of course it is backward to believe we should be in the EU modelled on the cold war era.

"Today our economy is inextricably linked to the EU"

Which can legitimately be seen as a huge threat as the EU is in multiple self inflicted crises and the leaders and supporters of it keep commenting on its impending breakup.

"That is the reality of Hard Brexit. Lost jobs."

The opportunity cost of being in the EU also applies as lost jobs.

"A driver for GDP is population."

The driver of GDP is productivity. Increased labour can increase productivity but it is only one factor and of course comes with the responsibilities and costs of immigration.

"If you suddenly remove people from the country"

Who is doing that? I hear remainers repeating pulling up the drawbridge and such but brexiters seem to be more outward looking to the world.

"as one key driver for housing costs has been the pressure from immigration."

Which has been pushed as a problem by a number of governments. In fact your claim that it is immigration causing upward pressure on housing costs has been one of the leave arguments. An alternative would be to build more but that would be cutting regulation which is a hard sell even if its the right thing to do.

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