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Inconvenient Truths

1. this could of happened before Brexit

2. The money allocated is pinprick compared with the amount which will have to be spent to get a system running

3. GPS systems are optimized to cover certain areas of the earth. Covering two hemispheres to provide the accuracy required for military will require more satellites and greater coverage

4. No one has explained where the frequencies required are going to come from since this would require international agreement

5. we are looking at a huge investment (which is likely to inflate ) and long project timescales. This from a country that has so far failed to build 1 high speed rail track

6. it is not clear why we need it anyway apart from massaging some huge Tory egos. We struggle to maintain 1 carrier group. The last time we did anything abroad was the Falklands, and that was based on cold war level military readiness. Even then it was a struggle

7. It is likely we will need the money for other things

8. The UK on its own is no longer a world super power, and the sooner we come to terms with this, the better the future will be

9. It will never happen

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