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Wi-Fi Alliance ditches 802.11 spec codes for consumer-friendly naming scheme

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I hope they don't let manufacturers "spice up" the names

I don't want to see Netgear advertising "Wifi 6 turbo" or Dlink with "Wifi 6+" as it would lead to more confusion, not less.

Look at what happened with 3G/4G and inevitably 5G. Not that those were "official" standard names, but 3G was whatever you decided to call 3G. We all remember when AT&T decided HSPA+ was "4G" because Verizon was getting LTE out the door a few months before they were and they wanted to claim they were first with 4G. I expect the same games to be played with 5G, with companies implementing LTE-A cat 20 and calling it 5G because it is fast (despite not having the one real advantage of 5G, the reduced latency)

At least with 802.11ac you didn't see companies pulling that, they just advertised on meaningless speeds, as if it matters to anyone if their router is capable of 3100 Mbps vs 5300 Mbps. I hope we will see routers that do 802.11ax and WPA3 with just 2 or 3 antennas. They won't have the headline speed, so hopefully wouldn't have the headline price. The one true advantage of 802.11ax is the OFDMA - and even that only matters if you have a LOT of device contention. What I really is WPA3, but I have a suspicion it won't be possible to upgrade existing routers (because why should manufacturers want that) so we'll probably be forced to buy Wifi 6 routers to get it.

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