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Indeed, because client devices and routers may only implement some parts of various WiFi specs: WPA2 vs earlier encryption (Nintendo DS?), only 2.4GHz Band, partial or no MIMO etc.

Many router aspects are pointless if the existing clients don't implement them.

Some aspects can be updated by software, others such as other bands, MIMO and OFDM vs OFDMA etc need new hardware. Many clients, esp IoT and gadgets never get SW upgrades for things they could do. Also some modes use an entire band. MIMO claims and specs are frequently misleading.

*NEW Router or Airpoint or Repeater purchase* It's a nightmare establishing what the compatibility is with existing gadgets, phones, tablets, laptops and nearby WiFi points. What if the superfast mode uses an entire band and massively degrades an existing WiFi for visitors or some other purpose?

This change is just dumb. Useless because it will tell you less on the box. The Marketing people will just want to put "WiFi 7" ready on the box.

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