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"Interesting, what evidence do you have that suggests Google are anywhere near as bad a Microsoft?"

If you're the consumer, then you don't see how bad they've went. If you work with google stuff but not in google, then you are lucky to not fallen into hell.

Take a look at the youtubers. You'll see at least one video of them tell their viewers that they are burned out and getting stressful when youtube changed their algorithm without any notice and dropping their viewers. I believe the recent shooter at youtube should have explained it.

Take a look at the developers on play store. They pay google the 30% tax but without the 30% support. When your app gets banned/ flagged, you get it reversed by luck of the AI. In many case, google again changed their algorithm and thousand of successful developers suddenly gets 60% drop in app downloads. Not to mention, most app rarely get promoted on play store front page. It doesn't take someone with some sense to see the same app promoted for week in front meant over thousands of app don't get any chance.

Adding the recent removal of www and m from chrome url, helping the military, and making a censored search engine for china, 'Is Google anywhere near as bad' really is debatable.

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