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I guess there are still some suckers around who believe Google's "do no evil" pledge. Because Google open sources some stuff that isn't important to how they make money you think they are altruistic? Wow, you are certainly easy to buy off. Open sourcing stuff is easy for Google to do because they don't sell you software, they steal your personal information in exchange for "free stuff", which is apparently a trade you are all too happy to make.

At least with Microsoft you have a choice about whether you want to have a relationship with them. It might have been a pain at times when they tried to embrace and extend the web with IE6, but you still had the choice (like I did running Linux and Netscape then Mozilla then Firefox)

With Google they are almost impossible to avoid thanks to all the web trackers they put everywhere, the web sites / applications they've conned into using a google login to access them, people who send you links to Google Docs documents, and so on. At least when someone sent me a Word doc I could open it in Openoffice which was good enough for reading it.

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