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It still looks like Openreach are dragging their heels...

Or fibre. But politics. So Openreach is an infrastructure company doing wholesale stuff. So turning fibre into a useful service would presumably require <someone> renting the fibre off Openreach and then renting it to people in a small chunk of Coventry.

So if say, Electric Eel Ltd wanted to PoP Coventry and try convincing customers in the supply area that they really should switch to my service, I could. But then I'd have to PoP Coventry, arrange fibre to Openreach, rent collo in their termination space and figure out how to connect Coventry to the Internet at large.. But seeing as Coventry isn't a popular destination for fibre back to London.. My business plan would go no further than this post. Especially as the subset of people in the coverage area who're willing to pay >£40, ie more than a plain'ol FTTC Infinity service is very small.

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