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Going back to Thinkpad

I have enjoyed a Surface Pro for the last 2 years. Its a powerful and capable machine but..... It also severely lacks connectivity.

The machine is nice and slim it I am forced to carry round a USB hub and a USB to Ethernet cable.. Which is a reak pain when you forget either..

On top of that you need a real tabletop for it to rest on, using it on your lap is the equivalent of juggling milk bottles with your nose...

Another annoying factor is the bloody screen resolution which can wreck havoc with some apps, especially remote desktop. There are solutions but it's a pain nonetheless.

Even after 2 years I still have about 4.5 hours of battery which is not to bad.. I have the I7 which is very comfortable, it can easily run a couple of VMs..

On the whole, I love the Surface Pro but it's the little things that let it down...

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