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Rookie almost wipes customer's entire inventory – unbeknownst to sysadmin


HP 4 and 8Gb DAT drives could be upgraded to 8 and 16Gb if you happened to have the right tape to put in it. The weirdest one I ever saw was when a vendor had taken components off a motherboard for a customer project. The national rail company had a bunch of servers that should have had two adaptec scsi chips on them but had been modified to only have one chip (essentially de-soldered the IC). Every time they hit a certain back-up speed Netware fell over with a kernel panic. After going on site and ending up physically opening one of the servers up I clocked the missing chip. Next day with a scsi bus analyzer I could see what was happening. Echo caused by the now modified bus. Only kicked off when we had our software running flat out. Fortunately our debug menu allowed you to limit the top speed the system would back up at... problem solved. Another good one was re-conditioned tape drives that vendors send back up with lower CRC checks. Looked identical. Returned same firmware and revisions. Was liable to making write only back ups.... grrr

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