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My story, again...

....being the security minded person that I am but also no expert I was working at a place with Follow Me printing. On Ricoh devices. Looking through the server one day spotted the option "Purge print jobs on logout" Ooo, that would be a good idea to switch on. Purge them from the MFD, good security and all.

So I set it and forgot about it. Then calls started to appear in our main 2nd line queue. "My print job has only half come out then disappeared". "I sent my print job a few times but it only partly prints". Oh shit. I realised what had happened, grabbed all the calls and quickly closed them, then fixed the issue (turned the option to purge back off).

I hadn't put in a change request, although don't think they were enforced at the time. It turned out people would go to the MFD, swipe their card, start printing then swipe to logout before the print job had finished. Or their job was so long that the MFD would timeout their session and automatically log them off. And of course, their print jobs would then be purged.


No one noticed the calls come in so I kept quiet & quickly closed them. Made up some excuse for the users :) although all those extra closed calls helped my stats for the week.

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