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more likely to get things resolved to your satisfaction if it's a PSA car combined with an appropriately motivated tech


I don't usually take my cars to the dealer - I have a "bloke in a backstreet" who is absolutely fantastic that I've been using for 20+ years now. I only used the dealers for those issues because the car was still relatively new and hence under warranty. On more than one occasion my bloke has had to repair something that a dealer had previously "fixed", the classic being a clutch on a second-hand car bought from a main dealer.

The original failed within a month of driving away from the forecourt so the dealer "fixed" it, and within six months it had failed again. It wasn't a problem with the clutch per-se, it was (as my "bloke" discovered) that when they screwed the thing back together they had used seventeen almost completely random screws, only a half a dozen of which were the proper length and taper (who knew?) and many of which had therefore failed. Even when I plonked the broken clutch and collection of screws on the desk of the dealer's service manager, it took a good hour of wrangling before they would agree to refund most of the repair cost.


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