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I've never even heard of that OS before. It was like it was Linux being invented from the description but for back then that wasn't to bad looking and for people that have run win 3.11 will know that the stuff all looked similar and some of those images reminded me of Geocities webpages, they were so weirdly the same overdone themes to try to stand out but often I would hit a page that looked like a paint factory exploded and my mind would just take the info from my eyes and say "nope, fuck this shit I'm gonna have a migrain even if I happen to find out how to navigate this atrocity of a webpage design that someone thought was the best they had in them and their site was so much better from all the chaos of colors. Hell the flat design of many websites kind of gets on the nerves also like driving for hours in the mid west and realizing that the view hasn't changed for a few hundred miles and you're so bored.

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