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he car was reloaded with the CCF stored at build for that VIN

In terms of my car, what I didn't mention was that the thing had been back to the dealer several times from new due to sudden unexplained and temporary loss of power. You know, the sort of thing where you'd put your foot down, the thing would start going, then hesitate for a few seconds, then carry on as if nothing had happened.

Mostly what the dealer did - apparently in consultation "with France" - was re-map the ECU and clock up quite a lot of driving miles while doing so.

This was until the car pretty much failed on my wife an hour from home and we had to pay to have the car recovered. Taking it to a different dealer, they spotted that the vacuum switch on the turbo was loose - had probably never been fitted properly when manufactured - and had rattled around and eventually cracked (it's part of some bigger component apparently). Fixing this solved everything, but I never worked out what they did with the ECU mappings, and I suspect that the original garage, which was the one which later also replaced the steering wheel, re-loaded something incorrectly, hence defeating cruise control.

On the bright side, the car has now done some 155,000 miles, still regularly achieves well over 60mpg (62 - 65 being my "normal" range, but then I do a lot of motorway driving) and hasn't had any other "odd" problems, just the usual wear-and-tear. And a completely rusted-through bracket under the radiator. I did mention it was French :-)


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