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Took it to the dealer (I on) several months back, for [Takata] airbag replacement recall, and just a few weeks ago, discovered that the fog lights no longer turn on.

Two options here - either is likely as the other...

Firstly, the car was reloaded with the CCF stored at build for that VIN, these can sometimes get corrupted or the VIN can be misread by the OCR / barcode reader - what should happen is that the CCF is downladed from the vehicle prior to any work involving the potential for the CCF to be reloaded - it's actually stored in two places, usually the instrument pack and the central electronic module.

Secondly, it's possible that the CCF is correct from build but someone has upgraded prior to sale (again, the CCF should have been downloaded from the vehicle and stored locally), this usually happens when the dealer buys a load of 'base' spec vehicles then upgrades them prior to sale - charging the customer for 'extras' and getting a kickback from the manufacturer for hitting 'accessories' sales targets.

A prime example of this is Motab cars having PDC added as accessory fit - because safety!!!, even though the cost of factory fit is negligible (to the dealer) and is more integrated with the other vehicle systems.

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