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Many years ago (pre internet times) a client phones at 5:30 Friday afternoon. It was the IT guy wanting to run through the steps involved in recovering from a backup. Their US headquarters had a hard disk fail on their accounting system. He was talking the Financial Controller through a recovery and while he knew his stuff he just wanted to double check everything.

8pm the same night the phone rang again - how soon could I fly to the states? Only one of the backup tapes was good. The financial controller had put the sole remaining good backup tape in the drive, then popped out to get a bite to eat at 7pm because it was going to be a late night. At 7:30pm the scheduled backup process copied the corrupted database over the only remaining backup.

Saturday was spent on the phone trying to talk them through everything I could think of.

Sunday afternoon I was sitting in a private jet winging it's way to their US HQ. Three days of very hard work later we'd managed to recreate the accounting database from pieces of corrupted databases and log files. Another private jet ride home - this time the pilot was kind enough to tell me there was a cooler full of beer behind my seat.

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