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Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire

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"Artificial scarcity disguised as capacity issues in an attempt to protect the cash cow from a well-deserved rogering by the silicon buying public."

It's not artificial scarcity though - Intel have screwed up and can't deliver more chips due to being a fab down (i.e. 10nm). While it maybe caused by contractual issues (i.e. parts for Apple), they can't just stand up another fab inside of two years and economically it is unlikely to be profitable for Intel.

In terms of it being Intels cash cow, we have to wait and see. If AMD market share increases significantly, Intel may struggle to recover come 7nm. If Azure proves AMD CPU's work well in the cloud (i.e. through the increased cores/memory at the expense of higher power usage), it may benefit Azure and AMD significantly.

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