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And how did security researchers sell their services to inventor before hand?

The security researchers are a bunch of idiots. They claim any toy needs to NOT be vulnerable to various security hacks. Baloney! The toy is not meant to be used in a hostile environment or hooked up to an outside internet. End of discussion.

Until you prove it is designed to be a network attached security product, you are an idiot if you believe that security was considered as part of coming up with a new idea. You can't saddle every toy or object ever invented with the baggage of psychopaths our culture nurtures, encourage and reward with stock options and company titles.

In most capitalistic based cultures, getting rich by turning others into human assets (or capital) and having them managed as human resources is the way businesses operate.

The internet and early computers were developed by idealistic, forward looking pioneers who fully thought there inventions were going to be used in a futuristic start-trek type world where money is obsolete and people no longer work at jobs because they need money but for self-actualization. Does anyone remember the star-trekNG episode where the hibernating/frozen capitalist awoke and found all his capital investments and projects were worthless because the idea of collecting and possessing more and more capital was obsolete? The idea of acquiring more capital so as to be able to dominate and control more people was obsolete.

Security is what you get when your ideals get jaded and you get ripped off. Eventually you get paranoid enough to think of anyone with more power is a threat that must be neutralized -- then you are ready for a position in national security.

*You can't expect creativity to flow in an atmosphere of fear*

If you focus on security, don't expect them to come up with novel new inventions other than new ways to be more secure.

None of these statements mean that we shouldn't spend on security and defense -- but doing so takes more than equivalent share out of the ability of the society to be creative and productive. Criticizing inventors for not being security experts will only suppress more invention. The research need to work alot more on social skills and how to add security than making pronouncements in public about how bad some new invention or product is because the security expert was able to find 100 new exploits. Isn't that a surprise -- the security expert could find 100 exploits (while inventing nothing) while the inventor creates 100 new products (all w/o security).

Looking at it another way -- how many security experts come up with novel products unlike anything before that have nothing to do with security? Why would they expect inventors to come up with pre-secured inventions? The security types need to work with interpersonal relationship types to find ways to get their information and services to the inventor types in a way that the inventors will want to incorporate such ideas.

Like any of that is likely to happen as long as a culture is only focused on cost & making the most money.

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