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doubled your memory size by connecting up a wire...

Seems to be fairly common in all sorts of areas. Three car-related ones. My mum had a Renault 5 back when we were changing from Leaded to unleaded petrol. The car as delivered used four-star and the upgrade to unleaded (which was lower octane) essentially involved connecting up a jumper wire under the bonnet somewhere.

Likewise, a friend of mine had a Passat. He discovered that replacing the (?)indicator stalk for one which included the control buttons for cruise control, then flipping a bit somewhere (via the OBD socket connected to his laptop) enabled cruise control; i.e. all the other prerequisites (presumably sensors and things) were already installed and working.

My own car had a problem with the "leather" on the steering wheel - it started peeling off like bad sunburn. It was only a few months old, so this was fixed by the dealer, but when I got it back I discovered that cruise control had been disabled. Again, turned out to be a bit-flip in the ECU rather than something simple like the garage forgetting to connect the buttons up after swapping the steering wheel.

Given a few minutes I could probably think of dozens of other examples. I'm not sure if I think it's a good thing or not...


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