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I don't...

....dislike Facebook itself. It's a system, it's useful for some people (family members keeping in touch with people across the world) and from a programming point of view having done a little years ago and being shit, it amazes me how complex these systems get, but I choose not to use it in the normal sense of use it.

I used to use Friends Reunited before Facebook become so big. I hated how people from school on there were the same knobs they were in school. I also hated how narcissistic it seemed to make people. Have avoided it ever since. I now only use it when a site insists the only way you can login with them or post comments is via a Facebook account so then a dummy one gets created & used.

I understand they should be keeping everyone's data private etc. but the service is free, people choose to use it. I bet loads of the users that currently use it would stop if it suddenly introduced a subscription model. But I guess all users do have a right to moan when Facebook is only worth what it's worth because of all it's users, free or not.

I'm surprised Zuckerberg is still even there. With all that money I'd just get out while you still can before it all comes crashing down like MySpace. And I just couldn't be arsed with the aggro. But then that's probably also why I'd never succeed in business.

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