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One of my bosses had installed security cameras in the server room to protect their investments from going walkies.

When the IBM team arrived to do contracted scheduled maintenence on the machines, boss watched via the cameras.

Boss was *VERY* unhappy as he watched the foursome sit on their asses, drink beer, eat their lunches (in a room *nobody* was allowed to eat nor drink in), & play cards for hours.

Ten minutes before the scheduled time was to end the four got to work: using cans of compressed air to blow out the kit, rewiring various things at random with fresh bits of cable, & rebooting everything.

That was it, the whole of their "maintenence". For which the company I worked for was paying prices that would make King Midas blanche over.

Boss said nothing, just made copies of the security tape & submitted it with his revised bill for services rendered.

"I'm not paying you to sit on your arse, suck down lunch, & play cards for hours while you're supposed to be working. I'm not paying $Amount for a set of swapped cables & rebooting. Don't like it, tough shite. Check the tape for why."

Strangely enough IBM didn't say a damned thing about the company not paying that bill nor quite a few more.

Moral of the story: make sure those security cameras are filming the scene of the crime so you can use the evidence to pimp slap the folks trying to fuck with you.

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