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New contractor

We're currently breaking in a new contractor as the previous one has been forceably removed due to the complete donkey's arse of a server upgrade done here at work.


Built new server.

Transferred file from old to new.

Kicked off backup routines.

Copy remaining files over.

Kill server.

Except he made 3 rookie mistakes:

1. He hadn't ensured all the shared folders had been copied across, as well as all the "secure" folders. So anyone with a locked down set of folders found all their files were missing.

2. When doing the second transfer he used Robocopy. Not a problem except he was using copy/paste scripts and managed to include the /mir flag. Result being deleting the last 2 days of updates on the new file server. Not a problem, except for error 3.

3. He kicked of the final Robocopy without first checking to make sure that the new backups had actually worked, meaning we had no backup of the last 2 day's work.

In good news we'd made the decision prior to the server upgrade to leave the old SQL server in place until after we'd tested the new application server, so all that was lost was a handful of Excel and Word documents. In bad news (for him) he'd managed to cock up at several clients resulting in a nice shiny new P45.

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