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Reminds me of a contractor

We had in a company a few years ago. He wrote a routine to clear down a specific folder on a cluster. all fairly simple. I did not find out for 3 weeks, but over the last three weekends one of our team had been in fixing an issue with a cluster node that had failed.

Eventually I was given the script and asked to look over and it all looked OK, nothing obvious, a few commands and a delete command. I then asked why they suspected this script and was told the node's boot drive had been wiped.

The following weekend and again a node went down. I looked at the script again and ran it line by line instead of just looking and when it got to the delete line instead of wanting to delete the intended folder it wanted to delete the C:\ instead.

Looked closer at the line and there was a trailing space after the folder name, so in those days Windows decided to erase the folder where it was (which due to how the task had been created it ran in c:\)

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