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Spoiler alert: Google's would-be iPhone killer Pixel 3 – so many leaks

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You're on Android. Complaining about an OEM slurping your personal data is like complaining about damp patches from under a capsized boat.

OEM Android, perhaps. Since the Orange San Fran, no OEM firmware has survived the unboxing here at Chronos Towers, although that has presented its own unique set of purchase research issues.

Of course anyone buying into the Pixel range is going to get rogered sans lube but, then, the Pixel isn't aimed at us. Far better to go with the BQ¹ mentioned by another commentard or something similar that can be freed from the data fetishists. It's a 'phone, not a fashion statement.

By the way, "glass back" is a derogative meaning lazy bastard over here. Devices with glass backs do not inspire confidence.

¹ These folks are a pretty geeky company. They also make 3D printers and consumables - and they're very good.

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