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You also know, they break the news it's 50m, and before you know it's it's 500m, but they know that because all the media have already run with the other story, very few will bother running with the update.

Several other companies have done this recently....

I've been Facebook free for 8 years now, and living life. I do know however, that despite me asking them to delete my data 8 years ago, they decided to hang onto it.. How do I know this. Every once in a while, I setup a fake account with no personal details whatsoever, just logging in from my home internet, and immediately, it recommends people I know to connect with. They clearly haven't deleted my data, as they have retained IP/Friend data from over 8 years ago.

I would report them to the ICO, but they are just a big waste of space. Best just avoid the Facebook, the kings of data scumbaggery.

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