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Its always interesting who Microsoft do and don't listen to. They listen to Wall Street! MS promised to monetize Win10 and so they will. Just as soon as the Google / Facebook scandals calm down a little.... Then its coming! However overall, not listening to users is the new norm....

Why? The holy religion of PR has overtaken santity / reality...

This applies to the whole of Silly 'con' valley from Cali to South Korea. If they listened, they'd stop bolting surveillance onto every IoT phone-home cloudy product including cars and hotel rooms! Vizio SmartTV in particular, here's looking at you bitch...

They can still make Smart products just make them more privacy-focused and offline and anti-cloud. But oh no, that's not the masterplan here. Its 24/7 delicious surveillance that's what's going to happen. Dystopia-Central / 1984 meets Blakes7. Typical example below...


"Amazon probably wanted its latest new product presentation to be exciting. Instead, it SCARED me."

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