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'I didn't know advertisers could target people so specifically'

Makes me sad to read that @PeterX. As it means the message still isn't getting out. What you're quoting is ancient history. It started with friends / family / colleagues phone & email address phonebook uploading 'shadow profiles' ... 'Ugly Truth' memo etc.

That progressed into firms being coerced into uploading their CRM databases to help advertising campaigns. But it was really about Facebook compiling highly accurate metadata from those databases. Much more accurate than data brokers like Experian could provide. That's why Zuck doesn't need them anymore.

But things are far worse now... Facebook and Google have been secretly buying financial transaction history (credit-cards etc) for 2-3 years now, and matching it to offline and online activity. They're also buying up medical and patient records. On the side, insurers are now insisting on IoT feeds from fitness trackers. Who will they trade or sell that data too? The usual suspects! When combined when constant Android location tracking the metadata is immense and this is just the beginning...

Both Facebook and Google are desperate to get into China. They want to use their infrastructure as part of China 2020 Social Credit Score. Then bring that whole dystopian nightmare back to the West. This is the stuff of 1984 meets Blakes7. Its horrific! And you've just shown that you're stuck in the Matrix and still have little idea what's really going on. Wake up Neo...

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