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Facebook: Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code

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Anonymous Coward

But wait - there’s more!

”In effect, every single Facebook user account was wide open to being hacked, although the Silicon Valley goliath estimated that "only" 50 million accounts were, in the words of a spokesperson, "directly affected." “

What’s that, the ‘pull numbers out of a hat’ school of security breach PR’?

I’d take bets that in a couple of weeks they’ll take a leaf out of Yahoo’s book and mysteriously ‘discover’ the problem is much much bigger than stated, neatly bypassing the GDPR rules on disclosing breaches promptly and avoiding the shareholder upsetting fines. They can round it off by pointing the finger at the fiendish Norks and telling us all they take the security of user data very seriously.

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