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Re: They've had so many cockups, this is not news.

> Is it really news that yet again Facebook has been compromised? They hand out any data they collect like free handjobs from a £10 dollar hooker on a street corner.

Exactly. And to make matters worse - if that's even possible - Facebook's main concern right now seems to be focused on managing the PR around this debacle. How do we make Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg come out smelling like roses from all of this?

On top of this, they have the temerity of claiming that "the bug has been patched".

Really? Facebook doesn't even know about the security holes lurking in their own code. They stumble upon them by happenstance. Not security research, not testing. Just panic reactions after the bug has been out in the wild for ages. That little fact alone tells me everything I need to know about their code reviews and secure coding practices.

26-year-old geniuses. Yeah.

Yo, Zuckerberg. Why won't you hire some greybeards? They'll teach your pimple-faced geniuses - who still enjoy living in a dorm - a thing or two about secure coding practices and hunting down possibly catastrophic bugs.

Ooooh, I almost forgot. You stated publicly that any software engineer over 30 is just dumb.

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