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Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire

Sandtitz Silver badge

"Meltdown, Spectre (all variants), and people are still buying this half-arsed crap in droves?"


"Bullpats. Artificial scarcity disguised as capacity issues in an attempt to protect the cash cow from a well-deserved rogering by the silicon buying public."

No. If Intel can't or won't produce enough processors, the OEMs still need to sell *something* so the OEMs will go for the alternatives. The big cash cows are the very expensive Xeons after all, but the supply problems include relatively inexpensive i5 / i7 models. Since AMD finallty has very competitive processors, why would Intel risk losing desktop/laptop market to AMD?

HPE has already put up a notice that some Xeon models have supply problems so HPE is recommending AMD EPYC servers as solution. Hardly something Intel wants to hear, don'tcha think?

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