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Facebook: Up to 90 million addicts' accounts slurped by hackers, no thanks to crappy code

FuzzyWuzzys Silver badge

They've had so many cockups, this is not news.

Given the primary business of Facebook is collect data and hand it out willy-nilly to anyone willing to pay for it, I think the phrase "Facebook security" is the ultimate oxymoron.

Is it really news that yet again Facebook has been compromised? They hand out any data they collect like free handjobs from a £10 dollar hooker on a street corner. They cause nothing but misery to those addicted to their mornic presence on the internet. They allow ne'er do wells to lurk in their site, uploading sh*t propaganda and images of abuse. They insert their vile hooks into websites that don't belong to them. Run by an upstart little turd who's bascially won a lottery and whom barely understands what working in the real world is, pretends to understand what people need and want.

They're too big, too powerful and they have no comprehension of responsibility they have and the quicker the site is shut down the better off humanity will be.

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