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Microsoft gets ready to kill Skype Classic once again: 'This time we mean it'

bombastic bob Silver badge

"to work on your most requested features"

"Microsoft like to change user interfaces in order to piss off users"

Seems like it, huh? I don't think it's outright deliberate. Just negligently clueless and selfishly arrogant.

Well, Micro-shaft CLAIMS that they're continuing 'to work on your most requested features". Yet the article points out that the most requested features are, basically, to RESTORE the capabilities of "skype classic".

But you _KNOW_ Micro-shaft will *NEVAR* do that. Why should they? They're MICRO-SHAFT! If they don't like it, then it was never even mentioned (*cough* *cough*), at least not 'enough' to be 'most requested' [I think their dictionary definition of 'most requested' might need some serious re-editing] and so they fly off into "la la la I'm not listening" mode with their hands firmly planted against their ears as if NOT perceiving it means it doesn't happen...

Micro-shaft started doing this when 'Ape' (windows 8) released. Why is anyone surprised? Ok nobody is, and this is why many of us *SNARK* about it. I miss their customer-centric attitude (ok not entirely but still...) when 7 was released. Now it's "world domination"-centric. Right?

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