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"Oh and it will be far too expensive, I leave that sort of thing to iTards who have no idea about value for money."

Considering the prices that second-hand iGear fetches and the general longevity of said devices (notably in software terms), especially in a 'hand-me-down' environment, I'd say the 'iTards' have a pretty good grip on the concept of 'value'.

Without resorting to Google or other Internet lookups, someone name me off the top of their head a 'droid phone that has the same longevity - in both hardware and software terms - as the average iPhone? There may be one, or even several, but it's a pretty tough call, and definitely not a mass-market answer.

To be balanced: my honest opinion is that if you're a techie and/or want a phone that can bend entirely to your will, get a 'droid, preferably a mid-range priced one. If you're a non-techie and/or need to rely on a phone that 'just works' (relative to most 'droids) and can't be arsed to keep twiddling with it then get an iPhone, preferably a mid-range priced one. Leave the £1000 handsets of either type to those with money to waste.


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