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You can use the effect prevailing wind has on flora, for example. Trees will tend to lean with the prevailing wind and that's not effected by wind changes that will fluctuate. The drying effect on natural and man made things. Cloud direction. Clouds will move in a different way to the wind direction at lower altitudes. These things are effected by air pressure too and can be useful weather change indicators. But I'll stop there before I waffle on too much.

It's one of the ways I navigate. When I start a walk I note wind direction and relate it to compass directions. I can very roughly use this to retrace my route or know direction at any point in time. It's part of a whole package of natural navigation tools. I'd recommend reading some of the excellent books by Tristan Gooley - the Natural Navigator, for example. There are people, like me, that teach this stuff too.

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