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How can they even fuck this up so much?

Because my mother is one of those horrible job stealing imgrints she has lots of family in different countries who she needs to be able to call, phone packages that cover lots of countries like the Netherlands and New Zealand (the two countries she regularly calls) are expensive, so I set her up with a skype account, a skype phone number and a skype package that covered those countries.

What do the fuckers at microsoft (trust me it isn't micro or soft when they fuck you with it) do? They kill off physical skype phones, so now you can only call with the app. And the app, my fucking god that app, it must have been designed by some sort of god damn demon that feeds off the tears of tech support. You have to go though 5 nested menus in order to get to the dialer to actually make a phone call.

Once the packages expire I will move her to a SIP phone.

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