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Office 2019 lumbers to the stage once more as Microsoft promises future releases


Assuming what you don't use is terrible while not knowing what you use isn't terrible, well that thinking might be literally in the Microsoft marketing play book.

But, is HTML absolutely terrible or just not the best? In today's world, a unified DOM parser is all it takes for HTML along with JavaScript or otherwise. In MS office you need, well, I have no idea. What does each of the individual MS Office parsers require? Does anyone outside of Microsoft know? Most just pay the price and will never know.

While I'm not the biggest fan of CDN's, at least that is an option with JavaScript or whichever parser you choose. Sadly maybe, while since UINT is now a feasible option to allow Javascript to be a loader/patcher, that doesn't mean your browser will allow that... yet (but it's still MUCH better than the Java.jar).

As far as HTML being OK for webpages, I guess we all have to partially agree. VRML failed (or so it seems) along with other attempts to change web interfacing, and while nobody seems to be coming up with something better for the web, that most certainly doesn't mean that something better isn't required.

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