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"They were sending a document electronically from Publisher. FFS. Why? That's not what it's for. And an ICT teacher should be able to send it as a fucking PDF if they must use Publisher, anyway."

I raised the question everytime at parents evenig. They promised to send vis PDF next time and never

did. However I think that there is an assumption that publisher documents are like word document and are easily read. However there are very few converters around (I don't think even Google supports it)

To be honest this was the time when virtually anyone could teach ICT since all it involved was showing kids around powerpoint. They were a ex-chemistry teacher and to be honest I was felt they were only doing it to tide them over till retirement.

Yes publisher is OK, and far better than trying to format word documents. I user Serif PagePlus for similar tasks. You can normally pick up a older copy for virtually nothing

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