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I do not see this becoming workable

I resent the fact that the researchers seem to consider that making a game level is just placing blocks and sprites like you sprinkle powdered sugar on a cake.

Making a game level requires at least two things : having a goal in mind, and planning out how you intend to reach that goal. Statistical analysis machines fail on both of these counts.

A good game level is made knowing the game mechanics, to be able to create areas that are of a specific challenge. Well placed, such areas can be simultaneously very desireable and very difficult to hold or go through. It is that combination of hard and yet unable to resist that crafts the best levels.

No computer will be able to attain that level of craft just by looking at existing maps because no computer can understand either the word "difficulty" or the word "desire".

But hey, they got grant money, so it's all good.

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