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>I hadn't realised until recently that the Soviets tried to get cribs on an industrial scale in the 1940s.

John Cairncross was the KGB's man at Bletchley - he passed a large number of decrypts to the Soviets and they some understanding of the technology and methodology at the very least thanks to him - he wasn't discovered and turned until the 50s by which time he was at MI6. Cairncross is reluctantly part of the official narrative now - although he's usually treated sympathetically and the scale of his treachery underplayed in the, mostly horribly inaccurate, dramatic accounts of the period.

Also important to remember that Soviets captured a lot of kit and expertise from the Germans - and most of the Bletchley Park Poles - 'Rejewski' notably - went back to Soviet Poland immediately after the war. With hindsight it's probably difficult to imagine, but there was actually hope things would be rosy under Stalin. Officially the story remains that their wartime roles were unknown to Soviets - though that's at odds with level of intelligence they had and the fact that Rejewski wrote one of the first detailed accounts of the work in the 1960s.

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