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well, if you haven't been paying attention, it's often the case that those who demand "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" only apply it to what THEY agree with. Yes, they're often HYPOCRITES. They insist on 'rainbow' CoC's defining every possibility, demand others treat whatever behavior they list as 'normal', and seek to PUNISH those who are NOT in agreement with them on any of these *kinds* of things.

TRUE tolerance acknowledges that people will do things that you disagree with. It means you tolerate them and treat them with the same respect, NOT "accomodate" nor "embrace" whatever they do.

And you KNOW they wouldn't "accomodate" nor "embrace" your DISAGREEMENT. Because the people doing "that kind of thing" are ACTIVISTS, NOT satisfied until they _CHANGE_ you. By force. (which IS the problem)

(if you can be tolerant of a bigot, without namecalling nor pejoratives ending in "-phobe", you're tolerant. Otherwise, not so much)

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