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And didn't they treat Turing well after the war ended.

There was an interesting story about the code breakers in, I think Albert Park, Victoria, Australia and they had broken some Japanese codes. For some unknown reason an American politician was given a tour of the facility and when he returned home he told his local newspaper about the great job "our American boys" were doing breaking the Jap codes. These codes were soon changed mush to the disgust and dismay of the code breakers who took three weeks to break the new codes. They wondered how many lives the big mouth pollie had cost with his stupid boasting.

This story was related by one of the Australian women who worked in the centre and were only allowed to finally talk about what they did during the war some time in the 1990s.

It was mentioned by someone further up about being careful what was responded to so the Germans didn't know their codes had been compromised. Let's not forget the people of Coventry as some of the victims who suffered to keep the broken codes unknown by the Germans.

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