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The road to hell...

is paved with good intentions is probably the epithet that springs to mind; or if we can go straight for a godwin-esque reference, that poem by that pastor niemuller?

The western world is quite male, pale and stale (I only fit 2 of that criteria); and from a purely objective and rational standpoint, what some of the code-of-conduct stuffs tries to do is quite worthy. But then as soon as people get involved it gets into a right old mess of prejudice and bias and we end up giving airtime/attention to the loudest shoutiest peopl.

If the GPLv2 developer consent killswitch does apply; then surely the answer is to fork RC4 *right now* (however that needs to be done); and then you have a copy that you're free to have "people who are now persona-non-grata" contribute to it. You can probably even merge the mainline kernel yourself w/o too much trouble[1].

[1] - If you can't then should you even be worrying about the CoC; there's not an awful lot you can do. You'll just have to trust that the kernel remains "good enough" even with the thought police on every corner.

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