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Contractors slam UK taxman's 'aggressive' IR35 tax reforms

Lost In Clouds of Data

Guess I was one of the odd ones - I actually carried through with my internal threats and fucked off to annoy the bloody yanks instead. They've not kicked me out the country yet so either a) I'm doing something right or b) I need to ramp up my "annoying Brit" ''tude some more.

On the plus side, there's now many an American co-worker who I've taught some new words and phrases to: No longer do I get blank stares when I say things like "I've got nowt", "I'll take a butchers" and "This project plan's a bit like going round the Wrekin, innit?"

Naturally "Wanker", "Muppet" and "Tosser" are standard workplace vernacular as well...

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