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Contractors slam UK taxman's 'aggressive' IR35 tax reforms


People keep saying about leaving the UK but where will you go? Contractor software dev here, genuinely interested.

Also regarding the comment about suddenly getting taxed as an employee but without the benefits, the case noted in the article means that isn't actually the case - HMRC said to the contractor (who was doing work for HMRC) that they're an employee and to pay tax as one, but didn't bother to give them the holiday pay. They took them to court and won.

I'd laugh if they got pregnant and took a few months off on maternity leave. But I'm surprised the ordeal doesn't result in them signing off with 'stress' for a few months, all while HMRC has to continue to pay them since hey - they're an employee, right?

Can you imagine hiring a plumber and then having the guy show up and sign off with stress for 2 months, during which you have to continue to pay him...

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