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Indeed, but as the third leg of the post-modernist triad, "inclusiveness" demands enforcement via intolerance.

I am disappointed this article does not delve deeper into the new Code of Conduct and the fallout which has accompanied its implementation, let alone completely ignoring the "killswitch" post to the LKML. There are a number of videos popping up on YouTube which go into debate and what is actually happening behind the scenes, including the ousting of contributors for comments or behavior deemed as bad from many years prior. I strongly suggest people go check them out.

If the new CoCs are allowed to continue as they are, if you want to be a dev of any kind you had better keep your nose clean from the time you enter the world, not just the on-line world, by being Supreme Being "inclusive" and "tolerant" or they will look for your indiscretions, they will find all your posts, and they will kill your career, summarily tossing you into the Shitlord Abyss.

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