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"When you distill it down, you should be able to completely automate a bank (except for when somebody wants to speak to staff). In a perfect world where nothing broke and everything followed the rules, the operational systems in a bank shouldn't need a human touch at all."

Congratulations :) You just reinvented Girobank, a fifty year old concept rolled out by the Labour government of the time (Wilson).

GiroBank was so successful as competition for the High Street Banks that it had eventually to be privatised and ultimately shut down before it wiped out the other high street banks (as they were then called). The high street banks have subsequently shut down almost all their high street operations anyway.

In many other parts of the world, the Girobank concept lives on. But the UK, and in particular in the City, it had to be eliminated. Isn't that marvellous.

@Doctor Syntax

""banks are IT with a layer of marketing"

Don't forget the casino bolted onto the side."

Congratulations :) By eliminating the casino on the side, you too just re-invented Girobank (see above).

The City's casino banking and the London property market are aspects of a world-class money laundering and financial crime centre, according to reliable sources (National Crime Agency, PPI claims outfits, Pension Protection Fund, etc). Without the casino facilities, Girobank threatened the career prospects of the banking industry dinosaurs,

Girobank. For the many, not the few. You know it makes cents.

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