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Yes, you are correct a gun is involved in every mass shooting. In case you were unaware we do have background checks in place from the ATF/FBI, I think that's probably government enough. FACT: if one has to wait for the Police to show up on average 18 people are killed, a CCW carrier and the death rate drops to 2. You have not read or you don't understand the US Constitution so I won't touch on your ludicrous militia comment. Why is it that every time a shooting occurs you're so quick to abrogate my right to keep and bear arms? The USA has many guns, you are correct, the vast majority of the owners are law abiding citizens. There are ~89 guns per 100000 citizens in the USA, I submit if guns were such a problem as described by your knee jerk comments the "slaughter" numbers would be much higher. How about you crusade on mental health funding and refrain from being a nanny.

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