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"You seem to be just counting the number of gun murders and ignoring that the population has increased in the last 20 years"

That's the problem with casual numbers.

Interestingly enough, in this country the federal government tried to discourage gun ownership, invalidating all gun licences, and requiring paying for new materials, courses, tests, and licences, which were made as onerous as possible in terms of throwing everything they could think of into the courses and tests.

A lot of people decided that if they had to do it again, they'd do both tests - the long arm test (rifles, shotguns) and the restricted test (handguns, some rifles and shotguns).

Once they had a restricted licence after some cost and inconvenience, they decided to use those licences.

Handgun owndershp quadrupled over about a decade.

At the same time, firearms homicides continued to drop, though increasing gang violence with illegal weapons mitigated this.

One year recently, even with gang on gang violence (a lot of firearms deaths are due to this), more people were killed with knives than guns.

Gusn do not cause violence, and the people most likely to use them on other people are those who are already breaking the law (illegal guns, prohibited types of guns) and intend to use them for criminal purposes including gang wars.

Laws, registration (all handguns are registered and legal access is tightly controlled and vetted), and outright bans (many criminally held guns are totally illegal and always have been) do not and cannot stop these people.

The most you could do is increase the profit for illegal firearms traders by driving the price up - which the gangs see as a cost of doing business - an overhead item that gets included in the price of their products.

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